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CAS Number
  • 593-74-8 ☒
3D model (JSmol)
  • Interactive image
Beilstein Reference
  • CHEBI:30786 check
  • 11155 check
ECHA InfoCard 100.008.916 Edit this at Wikidata
EC Number
  • 209-805-3
Gmelin Reference
MeSH dimethyl+mercury
PubChem CID
  • 11645
RTECS number
  • OW3010000
  • C60TQU15XY check
UN number 2929
CompTox Dashboard (EPA)
  • DTXSID5047742 Edit this at Wikidata
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What is Dimethylmercury?

Buy Dimethylmercury Online ((CH3)2Hg) is an organomercury compound.

A profoundly unpredictable, responsive, combustible, and dismal fluid.

Dimethylmercury is one of the most grounding known neurotoxins.

With an amount of under 0.1 mL fit for initiating serious mercury harming, and is effortlessly assimilating through the skin.

Dimethylmercury is fit for saturating numerous materials, including plastic and elastic mixes.

It has a somewhat sweet smell, despite the fact that breathing in enough of the synthetic to see this would be dangerous.

The intense harmfulness of the compound was exhibite by the 1997 passing of hefty metal scientist.

Karen Wetterhahn, who kicked the bucket 10 months after a solitary presentation of a couple of drops pervaded through her dispensable latex gloves.

Amalgamation, structure, and responses

The compound was one of the most punctual organometallics detailing, mirroring its significant soundness.

It is frame by treating sodium blend with methyl halides:

Hg + 2 Na + 2 CH3I → Hg(CH3)2 + 2 NaI

It can likewise be acquire by alkylation of mercuric chloride with methyllithium:

HgCl2 + 2 LiCH3 → Hg(CH3)2 + 2 LiCl

The particle embraces a direct structure with Hg-C bond lengths of 2.083 Å.


An epic element of this build is its inertia towards water and the way that it responds with mineral acids at a huge rate just at raised temperatures.

Though the relating organocadmium and organozinc accumulates hydrolyze quickly.

The distinction mirrors the low partiality of Hg(II) for oxygen ligands.

The compound responds with mercuric chloride to give the blended chloro-methyl compound:

(CH3)2Hg + HgCl2 → 2 CH3HgCl

Though dimethylmercury is an unpredictable fluid, methylmercury chloride is a translucent strong.

Use of Dimethylmercury

Buy Dimethylmercury Online at present has not many applications in light of the dangers in question.

Likewise with numerous methyl-organometallics, it is a methylating specialist that can give its methyl gatherings to a natural particle;

Nonetheless, the advancement of less intensely poisonous nucleophiles, for example, dimethylzinc and trimethylaluminium.

And the resulting presentation of Grignard reagents (organometallic halides), has basically delivered this compound outdated in natural science.

It was once in the past read for responses in which the methylmercury cation was clung to the objective particle, shaping powerful bactericides; in any case.

The bioaccumulation and extreme poisonousness of methylmercury has generally driven it to be relinquished for this reason for the less harmful diethylmercury and ethylmercury mixes.

Which play out a comparable capacity without the bioaccumulation peril.

In toxicology, it was previously utilizing as a kind of perspective poison.

It has additionally been utilized to adjust NMR instruments for identification of mercury, in spite of the fact that diethylmercury and less poisonous mercury salts are presently liked.

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